Sep 21, 2010

26 weeks

Here is my belly pic for this morning at 26 weeks.  After the suggestion from Starpepper, I have dug out the outfit that I used for my comparison belly shots last glad it still fits!!!

So definitely bigger, but actually not as bad as what I thought looking at that.  I've put on a fair bit extra than last time at this stage, so far about 9kg (!) compared to the total of 11kg I put on last time.  But then I also started out 4kg heavier the first time so it probably balances out pretty closely.

The SPD has been getting worse lately as well, it's getting to a point where I think I'm going to need to try to do something about it.  At the moment, it's mainly getting into bed at night that I struggle with the most, but also the usual rolling over, getting up and walking after sitting, getting in and out of the car and basically anything that puts any pressure on my pelvis.

I've also noticed lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions - a lot more than last time and definitely a lot stronger.  I don't even think I was aware of them at this stage last time, but this time they are quite strong - enough that I notice them even if I'm distracted and they are quite uncomfortable.  A bit scary when I'm still so far away from delivery!

Otherwise all is going well and I'm really looking forward to the hospital tour this weekend!

Sep 16, 2010


I now have a doula!!  I had been thinking about it for a little while, considering how scared I am of going through labour again after my last one.  The reading I am doing is helping, but I still worry about 'losing it' on the day.

Last week, I saw a request on a forum that I use regularly from a student doula in my area looking for pregnant ladies willing to use her services as part of her qualification process.  After a few emails back and forth, I met up with her last night and have booked in!  She seems lovely - she's had 3 babies at the same hospital that I am going to, including 2 water births which I am really hoping to have.

For anyone not familar with a doula - here is an explaination of what it is, including:

What Are The Proven Benefits Of A Doula?

50% less caesarean sections
Reduction in the use of forceps by 40%
60% less requests for epidurals
40% reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin for inductions or augmentations
30% reduction in use of pain medication
25% reduction in labour length
Increased rates of breastfeeding at 6 weeks post-partum (51% vs 29%)
Higher self-esteem (74% vs 59%), less anxiety (28% vs 40%) and less depression (10% vs 23%) at 6 weeks post-partum

I will have 4 appointments with her before the birth to get to know her, discuss my previous labour, fears expectations & hopes for my upcoming labour etc etc.  We will also discuss hubby's role and how he will be involved in the whole process.  She has resources (books, dvds etc) that I will have access to for more information as I need/want it.  She will then be on call for my labour and will either come to my home at the start of labour, or meet us at the hospital, whichever we decide that we would prefer.  She will stay throughout the whole labour for support, and for as long as we need after the birth.  We then have a follow up appointment after the birth to discuss the labour and anything else to do with the baby.

I'm really excited about this plan, I think it will really help to have another support person there - particularly someone who has done it all before.  There's only so much weight my hubby's reassurance can be when I know that he doesn't know what I'm going through!

Sep 7, 2010

Another baby purchase

I ordered another baby item a couple of days ago.  Introducing, the Maya Wrap Ring Sling...

I'm so excited about this purchase!!  I wish I would have done more research and found this before I had Jake.  I really think it is going to make life with a baby so much easier.  Here is some info from their website:

This sling gets rave reviews for comfort and ease of use! The shoulder has a light pad. The rails are still unpadded for easy adjusting. Fans say it is the perfect first sling for new babywearers.

  • Wear newborns through toddlers in a variety of positions
  • Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable fabrics
  • Built in pocket for keys, diaper, cell phone etc.
  • Unpadded, open tail that allows for perfect adjustability and is convenient as a nursing cover
  • Fits easily into a diaper bag or purse
  • Machine washable
  • Recommended for children up to 35 pounds
  • Instructional DVD included
This link shows more information on just what this piece of material can do, it's quite amazing.  I've been really keen on the whole 'babywearing' thing since before I was pregnant this time and wish I would have done it more with Jake.

Wearing your baby in a baby sling or baby carrier has several benefits:

Less Crying - Babies who are carried cry less on average than those that are not. Research has shown that babies who are carried cry (on average) 43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours. 

Smarter Babies - Babies spend more time in a "quiet, alert state" when carried - the ideal state for learning. When carried, your baby sees the world from where you do, instead of the ceiling above his crib or people's knees from a stroller.This extra stimulation benefits brain development.

Emotional Development - Babies are able to develop a sense of security and trust when they are carried. They are more likely to be securely attached to their care-giver/s and often become independent at an earlier age.

Physical Development - By being close to your body's rhythms, baby "gets in rhythm" much more quickly. Research has shown how this helps newborns (especially premature babies) to adapt to life outside the womb.

Helps with Post Partum Depression - Babies who are not held need more verbal interaction and eye contact, just to be reassured that you're there. Moms who may suffer from Post Partum depression will find that carrying their baby is a great way to connect with her (and provide stimulation too) without the "burden" of having to interact. Of course your baby is "right there" to enjoy whenever you feel like snuggling, kissing or talking. This is by no means a cure or solution for Post Partum Depression, always seek counsel from your physician first.

Eases the strain - Carrying your baby in a sling eases the strain on babies spine and your back!

I ended up ordering from the US - as a US product, it was cheaper to order from there and get it shipped over than it is was to buy it here.  Just means it will take 2-4 weeks to get here.  I've heard such great things about it, I can't wait to start practicing!!

24 weeks

Here I am this morning at 24 weeks...

Starting to feel quite big...particularly as I still have quite a way to go!  Not too uncomfortable yet though which is surprising - there are still times throughout the day where I don't even feel pregnant.

Heartburn has started rearing it's ugly head in the last couple of days though.  Mainly at night after dinner which is pretty normal.  Not finding it much of a problem during the day so far.  I've just started to notice my leg/feet muscles cramping more at night, as well as a bit of the 'restless legs' when trying to sleep.  And still getting up to pee at least once through the night.  But I am managing the nights ok (well as well as I ever do!) with just one extra pillow between my knees for a bit of extra support.

It seems I do have S.P.D. again though - I'm still managing to keep it at bay with just making sure to do the right kinds of movements and not the ones that aggravate it.  I spoke to the midwife at the 24 week appointment yesterday and she has also suggested a remedial massage therapist for if it does get worse like it was last time.  This time around I would have to try something, that pain was just horrible last time.  Medically  it is just birth that 'cures' it, but there are obviously a number of natural therapies that can help.

Everything else at the appointment went well, my BP is still about the same at 105/60, baby's heart rate sounded really good at 145bpm.  The only other thing we really discussed was all the paperwork that I will need to sign off on before the birth.  I am absolutely amazed at the options I am being given by this hospital compared to the last one.  Last time, my only choices were whether or not to authorise Vitamin K and Hepatitis B vaccine for the baby.  This time I need to choose both of these, but also whether to give an injection or oral doses of the Vitamin K, and whether to start the Hep B at birth or at 2 months.  I also need to choose whether or not to use the assistance of a Syntocinon injection to expel the placenta, or whether to birth it naturally.  Last time this wasn't even mentioned to me and they just jabbed me with a needle at the time.  The midwife has given me some information to read through so I can take my time to form a decision.  She did also assure me that while I have all these choices if everything is going to plan, they will take over the decisions if it becomes medically necessary for my or the baby's safety.  How wonderful that I get to be so involved in the decisions about my body and my baby!

So, next step is the gestational diabetes test in a 2-4 weeks time, followed by an appointment (which I really must book today!) with the hospital midwifes in about 5-6 weeks time.  I'm also planning on doing a hospital tour soon too - I think they have one at the end of every month.  I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the hospital I have heard so much about!

Sep 1, 2010


You know, I expected quite a bit of ass-vice when I was pregnant with my first child.  The whole "you're never going to sleep again", "you wont be able to do that when you're a Mum" and "you'll never get changed out of your pjamas and you'll have to live on take away forever" etc etc.  I may be exaggerating a little, but you get the idea.  But I never expected to have the same problem the second time around!

I'm now getting "Ooh, you won't be able to do THAT anymore when the second one comes along" or my favourite..."You'll HAVE to put Jake in day care when the second one is here".  I mean, seriously??  I may have no idea what this second baby will be like, but I do have an idea of what parenting involves by now and what my strengths/weaknesses are.  And it's not like I had a dream newborn the first time around - he was a screaming, refluxy, non-sleeping baby who hated both cars and prams.  So no 'idealised' images here!

I'm so sick of people telling me how easy I have it with one child and how I'll REALLY know what parenting is when I have more than one.  Particularly coming from people who's children sleep in past 6am and get days off during the week while their child/ren are in day care and they are still not working, while I don't get any days off and still manage to contribute a substantial amount to our home business...without putting my child in front of an electronic babysitter all day!  And when it hasn't been my choice to have only one child until now, it cuts particularly deep.  You know what...if you can't handle your children, then you shouldn't have chosen to have them.  And you should feel extremely lucky that you have that choice in the first place!

Ok, so I may be getting a little off track now, but as you can tell I have been quite frustrated!  I shouldn't have to have more than one child to be recognised as a 'credible' mother!