Oct 28, 2009

Final frozen count

I ended up forgetting to phone the clinic yesterday to get the final frozen embryo count - toddlers are the best distraction to IVF! I have since phoned them, and the final count is 5 frozen blasts from this cycle. We still have one leftover from the cycle I concieved my son so we now have a total of 6 blastocysts in the freezer. Very happy to get 6 from 16, my old clinic used to look for 1 in 4 to make the 5 days, so to get more than that is great.

Feeling ok still, trying to take it easy but am finding it near impossible with a very active toddler to chase around. I think he senses that I'm supposed to be resting! Just trying not to worry about doing the wrong thing - having my son has taught me that sometimes it's just a matter of waiting for the perfect baby to come.

Oct 26, 2009


Here is a pic of the blastocyst that I had transferred today...


Well we managed to get to transfer! I had one good looking blast transfered today. So far there have been 3 others frozen. The scientist is keeping a couple more overnight, if they turn into blasts by tomorrow then he will freeze them. I am to phone the clinic tomorrow to get the final frozen count. So we lost a lot from the 16, but it's still a pretty good final result - especially considering how many eggs were collected.

So now I just stay on the Crinone once a day until the blood test, which is scheduled for the 5th November. I have a follow up appointment booked for the 1st December which will either be a scan or will be to discuss this cycle and plan the next one, depending on the result of the blood test. Having just looked at the calender, the blood test is only 10 days away! That is the quickest two week wait I have ever had.


I'm happy to say that after a day of quite strong abdominal pain all day on Friday, I did start to improve on Saturday. Yesterday I was even better again. I am still bloated quite a lot, but the constant abdominal pain is no longer there and I am feeling much better. What a relief!

Oct 23, 2009

Here it comes

OHSS that is :( It started with some quite severe cramping early hours this morning, and has progressed to steady abdominal pain all day today. I'm also now bloated to the point where I look 4 months pregnant. To explain it to those who haven't had it, it's kind of like having a 'stitch' over your entire stomach...all the time. I am still trying to rest as much as possible, minimising the amount that I pick up my son, drinking at least 3L of water a day, as well as gatorade and sustagen (for protein).

I had to phone the nurse today to set a time for transfer on Monday. It is now booked in for 12:30pm. I have to phone an hour before to check if we have something to transfer. She asked how I was doing and I did mention the pain to her. But basically I'm doing all the right things, and that is pretty much all I can do. I'm just really hoping that it doesn't get much worse over the next couple of days.

Oct 22, 2009

Fertilisation Results

I got the fertilisation results back earlier - out of the 20 eggs collected, 19 of them were mature enough for sperm injection, and out of those, 16 of them fertilised! Wow, what fantastic results!

Still feeling ok, drinking loads of water, trying to rest as much as I can (with a toddler around!), as well as trying to up my protein intake.

We are going to attempt a blastocyst transfer so the embryos will now be grown until Monday. I need to phone the clinic tomorrow to get an appointment time, then phone an hour before to confirm that it is still going ahead. I have been told that sometimes they will grow them out until day 6 if I do get some OHSS symptoms or if the embryos need to be grown for a bit longer before transfer.

I'm also drug free for another couple of days - this clinic doesn't start the progesterone until day 4 after EPU (my last clinic started straight after EPU). So I start Crinone on Sunday night.

Until then, I wait!

EPU Results

First of all, I'm sorry I wasn't able to update last night. The anaesthetic really knocked me around. I ended up quite sick again (although not as bad as last time) and was pretty much like a zombie until I passed out in bed just after 7:30pm. Feeling better this morning, still tired and shakey though.

As for the results - 20 eggs! Was quite shocked and concerned when I found out. At least I know my concerns about OHSS were justified, but still it still worries me that they collected so many eggs. No wonder I was feeling very uncomfortable the last couple of days. I haven't had a chance to talk to my specialist yet (well, apparently I did for a while in recovery but I have absolutely no memory of it!), but I'm feeling good apart from the anaesthetic symptoms so I'm hoping transfer can still go ahead.

I will find out the fertilisation results at about lunchtime today, so will update once I know more.

Oct 20, 2009


Well, the trigger injection went off without a problem. In fact, it was so much easier than I expected. For those familiar with IVF meds, I was given the Ovidrel injection - so much better than the Pregnyl injection (the Pregnyl needs to be mixed yourself, very fidley and in my opinion, a lot more painful). I have had the Ovidrel once before, but still expected it to hurt more than it did.

I'm feeling quite uncomfortable and bloated today, still can't shake overstimming from my mind. But it is nice to have a day off the meds. I'm already getting nervous about tomorrow though, I really hate general anaesthetic.

I have to be there at 12:30 tomorrow, but judging by my last experience with the day surgery place and what I know of EPU's, I don't expect to be home until around 5pm at least. I will try and update tomorrow afternoon/night depending on how I am feeling, otherwise will do so the next morning.

Oct 16, 2009

Follicle scan appointment

I had my follicle scan today and am happy to report that it went well. The first thing I noticed on the scan was lots of good follicles, at first it made me and the specialist a bit nervous about overstimulation, but it turned out well. I have around 18 follicles in total...a lot, but he is only expecting around 10-14 eggs which is pretty much textbook perfect. Lining is also looking really good at around 7mm, and again a triple layer pattern.

So only the one scan needed. Egg pick up is scheduled for Wednesday next week. I am to continue with the daily injections & 12 hourly nasal spray until Monday night, then a trigger injection to be given at 2am (!) Tuesday morning. Nil by mouth from 6:30am Wednesday, admission into the day surgery at 12:30pm. The fasting shouldn't be too bad at all - with all my last cycles I had to fast from around 2am so it was hard for me to get through without breakfast. But this time, I will be able to have breakfast early, then basically just skip lunch. Much easier for me. But that 2am needle is going to be fun!

I'm actually feeling quite heavy low down at the moment, and with 18 follicles I still can't shake overstimulation from my mind, but there's not much I can do now but wait and see how we go.

Oct 9, 2009

First one down

Well the first injection is now behind me...and thankfully it wasn't as bad as I expected. I guess I had built it up in my mind a bit after developing quite the fear of them last time, but it really wasn't too bad at all. I did hesitate for a bit, but managed to get it done pretty quickly and with minimal pain. Only one week now until my scan...one of the great things about having a toddler this time around is that the time goes by a lot quicker than when I didn't have one!!

Oct 7, 2009

It begins...officially

So I had my appointment today - he gave me a scan to check to make sure my ovaries were all set for stimulation and I was given the go ahead to start the cycle officially. And since he scanned me today, there is now no need for me to get the blood test tomorrow, one less thing to do! I also maxed out my credit card and picked up my meds & cycle instructions. I have stopped the pill now and am just on Synarel every 12 hours. From Friday I will start daily FSH injections - 125iU of Puregon. My first scan to check on the follicle progress is on Friday the 16th.

I'm a bit nervous about the dose actually - it is a very small dose as far as IVF goes, but last time around when I was on 100iU, I produced 16 eggs (but only 13 mature). I do trust my specialist though, just hoping I don't overstimulate. That would not be pleasant with a toddler at home to look after, and I really want to be able to do a fresh transfer.

A bit nervous about the needles as well - last time I started off with no problems, but the more and more I progressed through IVF, the more I started to develop a fear of the needle. By the last cycle, I was really struggling to get through the injections and needing a lot of help & encouragement from my hubby. The FSH ones shouldn't be too bad, it's the trigger I am the most worried about. Oh well, all I can do is push on!