Mar 27, 2008

34 weeks

Here I am this morning at 34 weeks:

and the comparison with the 32 week pic:

This weeks photo looks like it was taken a bit closer, but it still looks like I've grown a bit in the last two weeks. I'm starting to feel really bulky now, it's hard to find any position that is remotely comfortable and even then I have to move after a short while. I have also noticed that my feet are starting to swell during the day - yesterday in particular I could really see that they were swollen and had trouble getting into my shoes. My fingers are still swollen as well - I still have my wedding band on, but it's now stuck there. Hubby and I did try to take it off about a week ago, but my finger is just too swollen. It seems to be ok where it is, I just can't get it over the knuckle. Hopefully I won't have any dramas with it.

I had my 34 week check up at the OB yesterday, everything is still going beautifully. Bub is head down which I was happy to hear, and everything is looking good. My tummy is really tight now - the OB did mention it but it is normal, apparently some people just carry more compact than others. It is making the braxton hicks contractions that I have been feeling quite uncomfortable though - my tummy goes absolutely rock hard. They are not painful, just uncomfortable. I've started to really notice them over the last week and I get them multiple times throughout the day now.

I'm still loving being off work - it's strange how quickly and easily I have settled into it after working full time for so long. I'm not getting quite as much done around the house these days - it seems to be taking me longer to recover from any sort of physical activity and I am starting to get really tired throughout the day. Of course my sleep has not improved so that must be a contributing factor - some days I find myself having two seperate naps throughout the day, but I can only sleep for up to an hour at a time.

I've managed to get most of my hospital stuff packed now though - finishing touches should be done today. I'm also in the middle of washing all the baby things, hoping to have that all done in the next week. I'm starting to feel really excited about the birth now, although for some reason, 6 weeks still seems far away, even though I know it will probably fly by. I guess I just can't wait to finally meet our little miracle.

Mar 17, 2008

Breastfeeding Class

We had our breastfeeding class on Saturday afternoon. It was taken by a lactaction consultant from the hospital and went for about 2 hours. I found it really helpful. I was actually surprised that while she was very pro-breastfeeding (obviously, considering it was a breastfeeding class), it was not at all preachy and the messages were very positive but realistic. I definately learnt more during this class than the 40 minutes or so that was spent on breastfeeding as part of the antenatal classes, and have come away with some great resources and ideas for further reading. So absolutely worth doing. I also feel very confident that there will be some great help available to me at the hospital should I need it in those first few days after bub arrives.

Mar 13, 2008

32 weeks

Here I am this morning at 32 weeks...

And here's the comparison with my 30 week shot:

Doesn't look like a whole lot of difference over the last 2 weeks. My weight gain seems to have stabilised a bit as well so I didn't expect a whole lot of change.

Everything is still going well with the pregnancy. I have developed a cough that I'm really hoping doesn't turn into anything more sinister. For now I am just drinking loads of water and trying to rest as much as possible. Very difficult for me - I'm not a very good patient! But I will do anything to make sure that I am looking after this baby the best I can.

Mar 12, 2008

A new addition

That's right, there is a new addition in our family. A gorgeous new neice. My sister delivered her baby on Sunday morning - she is just perfect:

Seeing the end result of my sister's pregnancy is starting to make it so much more real for me. Especially now, with my due date only 8 weeks away. It's also made me that much more excited about meeting our little one.

I have to say though, it has made the labour seem that much more real as well. While I still feel confident that I can get through it a lot of the time, I am starting to have moments of panic at times when I think about actually going into labour. It's one thing to prepare for it in theory, but I'm sure a whole different thing all together to actually experience it. I am still trying to prepare myself as much as possible, but not dwell on it too much. After all, what goes up, must come down. Not much that I can do about it!

Mar 4, 2008

Our new camera!

We bought a brand new whizz bang camera on the weekend - a Canon 400D D-SLR :

We got the twin lens kit so an additional 75-300mm lens as well as the 18-55mm lens that is on the camera in the pic. I just love our new camera!! I've wanted one of these for a while now, it takes the most incredible photos! We've only had it a couple of days so I am still learning the features and practising with different shots but already I'm amazed with what it can do. We got it now so that I will have some time to play around with it before the baby is here. Between this and our new video camera, we should be able to capture some fantastic memories of this incredible time.

30 week appointment

We ended up seeing the midwife for our appointment yesterday afternoon as our OB was running very late due to a delivery that day. Our midwife is fantastic, so lovely and very helpful. I found out that my iron levels are lower than what they would like so she has put me on a supplement and I am to try and increase the iron-rich foods in my diet. Other than that, my blood pressure and baby's heartrate were both still really good. Apparently at this stage bub is on the upper side of average size wise which is what I expected.

I also had a chat to her about the pain I have been feeling through my pelvic area and down one leg. It started around 2 weeks ago, was excrutiating for a while there, then calmed down a bit to a manageable pain. The worst pain is rolling over in bed at night - sometimes I physically can't roll over for the pain. Getting up and walking after sitting can also be a struggle. It still hurts to walk around, but it is more manageable.

Apparently it is sciatic pain caused by hormones making my pelvic bones shift. Not much I can do for the pain except see a physio for some exercises and avoid specific activities that make the pain worse. Probably the reason why it got better for a while was that the baby has moved up higher since my last appointment and is now floating around changing positions, so not as much pressure on my pelvic area. (Also explains the intense movements I have been feeling lately). Nice to know that it is going to get worse after engagement!

Mar 3, 2008

A free woman

Yep that's right, I'm now officially free from working life...for now anyway. My last day on Friday went well, I went out to lunch with all of the advertising crew in the office I have been at for the past couple of months. They also gave me the most beautiful clothes for the baby, as well as a matching bunny rug.

It's so hard to believe that I don't have to go to work anymore. I haven't been out of work since I left school. Until I was 19 I was working 2 or 3 part time jobs, then I have been in full time employment ever since. It still feels like I am just on a short holiday. My first day as a lady of leisure has been fantastic, I'm getting a lot done already and it is so much easier being able to take short rests in between doing things.

Sadly though this morning, I decided to take off my engagement ring. I have noticed over the last few weeks that my fingers have become quite swollen. I was really hoping not to have to take my special rings off, but they are starting to leave an indent in my finger so I thought it safer to get it off now before I can't anymore and have to get it cut off. As it was I had to use a fair bit of soap and water. I've left my wedding band on for now, really hoping that I don't have to take it off too. My wedding rings are so very symbolic to me, I feel naked and lost without them.