Dec 29, 2010

40 Week Update

So the OB appointment went well this morning.  Apparently I'm already 2cm dilated which is obviously a good start.  So we decided to go ahead with the Stretch & Sweep.  My gosh it was painful!  But he did warn me that he wouldn't be gentle and would do what needed to be done to give it the best chance of working.

So he thinks that it will give me a 50/50 chance of going into labour over the next 48 hours.  Again, all opinions though and the baby will come when it's ready.  But it's good to know that we are doing all we can naturally to avoid an induction in a couple of weeks time.  Even though I know it's not a likely thing, I can't help but be paranoid about the drip after my experience last time.

Other than that, everything else was looking good.  If I haven't already had the baby, I have an appointment booked with the midwife (as my OB is away next week) for next Tuesday when I'd be 41 weeks.  She will then arrange an induction date with another one of the hospital OB's.  So the next time I see my OB, it will either be in the hospital after I have had the baby, or at the 6 week follow up appointment!

For now, I just keep waiting... ;)

Still here

Still here and off to the OB this morning for my 40 week appointment.  He was planning to have a look today to see if there is anything happening, and possibly do a stretch and sweep.  But he will only do it if he thinks it will actually have a chance at making a difference which I'm happy with.

No other signs of labour yet though.  Just waiting, waiting, waiting...

Dec 24, 2010

Another (late) update

So, my 39 week appointment went well, pretty much the same as all the others.  My blood pressure was the highest it has been at 110/70, but still on the low side and no cause for concern.  Apparently baby is now 4/5 engaged so position wise is still looking good.  The OB has written on my card 'Well' and 'Ready' so again I'm thinking this may be quite a big bub ;)

I had my final appointment with my doula a few days ago so everything is all set for whenever the baby decides it is time to meet us.  She brought over a shirt for the hubby with 'Kath Can Do Anything' written on it which I thought was very clever.  All he needs now are some pom poms! ;)

Other than that there's not really any other news to report at this stage.  Life has been so busy here, it's hard to believe that my due date is only 4 days away!

Dec 19, 2010

Not much to update

So, I meant to post an update after my 38 week appointment last week, but things have gotten in the way again. But now that I've gotten around to typing it, there's really not all that much to say!  The appointment went well, my blood pressure is still about the same, baby's heart rate is good and baby is in a good position for natural labour at this stage.

The midwife did say after feeling my belly that she thinks the baby is very 'ready to be born' but obviously I have taken this with a grain of salt.  I'm actually figuring that it is more likely that it means this will be quite a big baby, especially considering my first was 8lb 12oz!

It's been such a busy week this week that it's hard to believe my 39 week appointment is tomorrow.  I've had a more than usual workload at home for our business, as well as a husband who has hardly been here for the entire week.  It's all been quite a struggle with a toddler full time as well, so I'm very glad we managed to get through the week in one piece.

I'm very ready for this baby to come at any time now, but not in a desperate 'get it out of me' stage ;)  I'm actually feeling pretty good about the labour too which is surprising.  The idea of induction really freaks me out still though so I'm really hoping that I manage to labour naturally this time.

The sciatica isn't giving me much trouble at all these days, the SPD is mainly bad at night.  It has gotten worse too in that I can now feel and hear the loud clicking of my pelvic bones rubbing on each other when I roll over at night.  Not a nice feeling at all.  Other than that, it's pretty much just the normal pregnancy aches and pains. But I can tell you, I'm looking forward to being able to lay down and stretch out in bed comfortably...even if it means I have to get up again in a couple of hours ;)

Dec 7, 2010

37 week update

37 weeks...officially 'term'!  I'm actually coping quite well at the moment surprisingly.  I'm sure I was more 'over it' at this stage last time.  Maybe it's because I know that this will most likely be my last pregnancy.  Or maybe it's because I'm just a lot busier and more active this time.  I am trying to rest when I can, but obviously a toddler is keeping me a lot more physically active!

I had my midwife appointment yesterday and it seems all is still well.  My blood pressure is still low at 90/50 - she was a little surprised at how low it was, but she assured us that it isn't a problem pregnancy wise, it just makes me feel crappy ;)  After finding out I have been drinking an average of 3L of water a day (which I didn't realise was a concern), she suggested that I may be flushing everything out too much and thinks I should try a gatorade or two a day for the electrolytes that I'm possibly missing.  Apparently this may help to rise the blood pressure a bit.  I tried one yesterday and did actually feel better after it, but whether that was due to the electrolytes or the sugar...? ;)  If it helps, I'm happy to do it though.

Other than that, the baby is still sitting head down in a good position - she thinks 3-4/5 engaged.  Heat rate was also good at 142bpm.  My iron level has also risen so that it's close enough to normal for them to be happy with and it should continue to rise a little as I keep taking the tablets.

Other than that everything seems pretty normal.  I've been getting pretty bad heartburn, mostly at nights the last few days, which until now, hasn't been too much of a problem.  The amount of water I'm drinking through the night can't be helping though (approx 750ml) so maybe the gatorade during the day will help.  I've noticed my fingers are now swollen this morning - I can still get my rings on and off, but there is quite a noticeable difference.  I'm getting very minor swelling in my feet and ankles on occasions, but nothing too major.  I'm obviously very tired - not helped by the 2-3 bathroom visits, the pubic pain that I'm still getting at night and an early rising toddler.  Most days I am trying to get at least a 30 minute nap in around lunchtime which helps.  The pain from the SPD and sciatica during the day is still usually quite manageable, again as long as I watch what I do, how I do it and wear the support belt on the harder days.  I'm also getting a lot of braxton hicks contractions, which are now very uncomfortable...enough that I often need to change positions and breathe through them.

Now we just wait for this little one to be ready to meet us!