Dec 31, 2009


And just to compare apples to apples, here is another test done this morning at 18DPO...

I think it's fair to say that the line has gotten darker! So, the 3 week countdown begins.

At the moment I'm feeling rattled for the first time this cycle. I've coped better than ever before with every other aspect of the cycle, including the wait for the pregnancy test. But the past two days feel like two weeks, and the three weeks until the scan feels like 3 months. Part of it that I was so busy before, we had a lot going on and were preparing for Christmas as well. But now, Christmas is over and a lot of the personal stuff we have happening now is on hold over the holidays. Normally I have every day filled with some sort of activity with my son (swimming, playgroup etc), but even those are on hold for the holidays. Being a stay at home Mum with nothing to do and nowhere to go doesn't provide a lot of distraction! And normally I would go for long walks with the pram, spring clean the house etc etc, but obviously I'm also trying not to overexert myself and getting paranoid at every little twinge.

I do want to fix this though, so I will fix it. I didn't really get to enjoy my pregnancy properly with my son, mostly to do with the issues surrounding IVF. I really want to be able to enjoy this pregnancy, especially when there is a very good chance it will be our last one. And knowing that morning sickness could be only a week or two around the corner, I should be enjoying this part of it! Time for some more soul searching it seems...

Dec 29, 2009

Test Result

The test from the specialist's office...

No denying that! He made a comment that it was a very strong positive, also saying 'you do know what that means don't you?'. I found it quite funny that someone who was adamently opposing quantitive blood test because 'hcg levels don't mean anything', would then imply multiple babies based on a urine test result. But yes, we both realise what it 'could' mean and so are now anxiously awaiting the scan to find out more!

The scan is booked in for the 21st January so in about 3 weeks time. So for now, we just keep waiting!

16DPO and test day

Here it is...

Sorry, again blogger has turned the photo around. The one on the left was 14DPO, the one on the right was done this morning at 16DPO. So far, so good!!

Testing day at the clinic today, not expecting to hear anything new as it's just a urine test, but I should get to find out the date of the scan. Let the countdown begin!

Dec 27, 2009

An early result

Well, looks like it may be 3rd time lucky for us again! I caved and did a HPT this morning at 14DPO...this is what I got...

Now while I am obviously still a bit hesitant to crack out the champagne because of our recent cycles not working out, I'm feeling a hell of a lot more confident than I was the last two times. I think mainly because we managed to get such a good strong line, darker than ever before, at only 14DPO on a 20mIU test, but also because I feel like it's different this time. Hard to explain really, but lets just say that I'm cautiously optimistic.

So now we wait for the scan which I'm assuming will be in about 3 weeks time. Of course I still have the official test at the clinic on Tuesday, but it's just a urine test basically the same as what I have just done at home. I don't believe they are planning to follow up with a blood test. Either way I will most likely continue to do some HPT's at home over the next week to keep an eye on it and help me get through until the scan.

Dec 20, 2009

Blastocyst photos

Here is the photo of the embryos that were transferred on Friday...they don't do them justice, especially the top one. The embryologist showed me pictures that were taken more recently when I arrived for transfer - the top one in particular was looking much more like a fresh blastocyst would look.

(I think I have explained before, but the freezing process means that embryos compact, then have to re-expand once thawed)

I'm still in awe of such technology that allows pictures like this to be possible.

Dec 18, 2009


Once again, we have made it through transfer. And the great news is that they only had to thaw two to get two!! Oustanding results and very much unexpected. So we still have another 4 left in the freezer.

The embryos looked fact one of them the specialist said was the best looking frozen blast he has ever seen! Although it's very much a case of only half the battle...we pretty much always have managed to get embryos that look great, but they obviously haven't all (or even most) resulted in a successful pregnancy.

The pregnancy test for this cycle is actually going to be a urine test - the pathology labs must all be closed over Christmas. So on the 29th, I need to take a first morning urine sample into the clinic for them to perform the basically the same thing that I will be doing that morning at home!

Feeling pretty good at the moment, not necessesarily positive or negative either way about the actual outcome of the cycle, but feeling good about the whole process. It seems so different than other cycles I've done...hopefully I can keep this great feeling going!

Dec 16, 2009

Scan update

The scan today went well - both ovaries are looking normal and my lining is at 10mm with the 'triple stripe' pattern which is all good news. So transfer is scheduled for Friday afternoon. I'm hoping that we don't have too much to worry about seeing as how we have 6 frozen blasts to choose from, but this is IVF so who knows what could happen.

The other news from the specialist today was that he thinks that if this cycle doesn't work, then I may be able to get another one in before the new medicare system kicks in!! My blood test for this cycle would be scheduled for the 29th, if it doesn't work out then I could start bleeding on the 31st making that day 1 of the next cycle. The medicare system bases the refunds on the date of your first cycle day, so I would still be able to get the rebate under the 2009 system and safety net...just!! Was a big shock to be told this today, but it's obviously great news that we still have an option there.

I'm still coping really well emotionally too. I'm not even finding all these meds too inconvenient so far. Now that my son has me up at 5-5:30am every morning, the 5:30am tablet is no problem, I'm pretty much always home for the 1:30pm one while my son is having his nap, and I usually aim to go to bed by about 9:30pm anyway so I haven't found that an issue. I don't seem to have any noticable side effects from the progynova, and so far so good with the pessaries. For some reason, the side effects are terrible on the Crinone, but I seem to do fine with pessaries.

So feeling good so far. Not feeling particularly positive or negative about the outcome of this cycle. I'm at a point right now where I have realised that I have no control over the outcome, therefore it will do no good for me to try. I have to let go and trust in my future, for my family, and I feel so much better for it.

Dec 8, 2009

So far so good

Well, I've been on 12 hourly Progynova tablets for a week, and as of today I am now taking them 8 hourly. So far, I am coping very well...better than I have for any other cycle I have done so far. I'm still in the same frame of mind that I described in this post, and am enjoying the freedom and flexiblity that comes from only having one child. I have been having such a great time with my son and we have been enjoying loads of social experiences with other parents and children as always.

There are other major things going on in our lives at the moment too which is keeping me very well distracted. Between that and Christmas fast approaching, I'm finding that I'm even forgetting that I am on an IVF cycle. Which also obviously doesn't leave much time for the obsessing that normally goes along with it.

Let's just hope that the rest of the cycle goes this smoothly!