Aug 24, 2010

22 weeks

Here I am this morning at exactly 22 weeks...

Still feeling pretty good at the moment.  No change in the pelvic pain, possibly because I know how to control it this time so I'm not aggravating it.  But only time will tell if it will become a problem.

I'm feeling the baby more and more now and was actually able to watch some pretty decent kicks a few days ago.  It's so wonderful, beyond what words can describe.  Hubby is starting to be able to catch the kicks more and more now too which is great.  Besides still being tired all the time, I'm actually enjoying this part of pregnancy! :O

Aug 16, 2010


So, not much happening at the moment.  This is what my OB calls the 'boring' time during pregnancy until about 28 weeks.  I don't mind though, I find this time much easier than the time between 12 and 19 weeks. (Well, really from the very start until 19 weeks!).

I'm feeling the baby move more and more - still only very faint and still only when I am really still, usually laying down.  Hubby has felt it a few times, but the movements are still not very often and don't last that long so it can be hard.

We think we have a name picked out!  Obviously I can't give the name as it would reveal the sex, but we are very excited to have a name in mind already.  We were always going to struggle with either name choice - we both have a lot of trouble with boys names, and we have very different tastes in girl names.

I'm starting to feel a small amount of pelvic pain from time to time which I'm really really hoping doesn't turn into S.P.D..  I had a lot of pain with my last pregnancy which I was really hoping to avoid this time!

Other than that, everything seems to be going along smoothly.  I'm still very tired, but not feeling as uncomfortable as I was in my last pregnancy at this stage which has been great.  Although maybe it is just because I know now how much worse it gets!!

Aug 9, 2010

20 Week Appointment

Nothing really new to add from the appointment today.  Everything is still looking good, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat which is always wonderful.  My blood pressure is ok (well still low at 100/60 but not concerning) and the OB was happy with the results of the scan last week.  He confirmed that the placenta is still anterior explaining the fact that I'm still not really feeling much from the baby.

We had a brief chat about the birth, in particular, the idea of water birth.  I can't remember if I mentioned it earlier, but he suggested it as an option for us to think about.  So far, I'm very keen and becoming more keen the more I look into it.

Aug 7, 2010


I felt the first definite (I think!) movements this morning!  The only reason I'm not 100% sure is that with my last pregnancy, I felt tiny bubbles first, then more 'movement' type feelings a week or so later.  This time, I haven't felt the bubbles popping sensation, but this morning it felt like movement and kicks, just feint ones, while I was lying down in bed.  Maybe I just recognise them better.  I was also able to feel them very gently from the outside so hopefully hubby will be able to feel them soon as well.

Aug 6, 2010

Scan results

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted - we had a friend look after the munchkin for us while we were at the scan and ended up staying for dinner ;)

I'm very happy to report that the scan went beautifully...everything is looking perfect!  I feel so much more relaxed now, very relieved to see the little one again and know that it is doing ok.

Didn't get a great shot though - the cheeky little munchkin did not want to show us it's face!

And yes, we now know the sex of the baby! :)  And no, I haven't changed my mind about keeping it a secret ;)  I'm really glad that I decided to find out though, it has made it so much more real for me.  It makes it easier to get a better picture of the future which also helps to reassure me.  I think, for us, it has been the right decision.  Let's just see whether we can manage to keep the secret!!

Just a little difference

As a bit of a time waster, check this out...

Just a little difference!

So nervous

I have my 19 week morphology scan today and I don't think I could be any more nervous.  I'm trying to do a lot of deep breathing to counteract the nerves so my body stays reasonably relaxed, but it's a bit of an effort.  I really don't remember being this nervous with my last pregnancy.  Maybe it's the whole 'natural conception' thing - I never thought it would be possible, therefore how can it be real.  Or  maybe it's because I know even more what I have to lose.  Either way, I'm really looking forward to that scan this afternoon...