Oct 20, 2010

Hospital Midwife Appointment

So, the hospital midwife appointment yesterday went really well.  Everyone there was so lovely, very friendly and focussed on making me feel comfortable there.

Before going in to my appointment, I was given a bounty bag (forgot about those little goodie bags!), as well as a brief questionnaire designed to assess my risk of post natal depression.  I was at a pretty high risk of this last time (but thankfully never got it), but the fact that I have a lot more support around me this time in the form of friends with children, means that my risk is significantly lowered.  Plus the fact that more time has passed since certain events that also added to the risk factor last time.

My appointment was with a student midwife as well as one of the staff midwives.  They basically went through my hospital admission form, as well as a question sheet to do with plans/expectations for the birth.  They explained a lot about how they work at the hospital, and spent some time talking to me about my previous birth.  I also had to sign for the first medical decisions for the baby - our baby will be getting the vitamin K injection after birth, but not the Hep B vaccination as we will be starting it at 2 months instead (All my personal research and advice from doctors/midwives confirms that this is the right decision for us).  I also agreed to have the injection to help expel the placenta after birth.

The also checked on the baby - bub's back was laying along my left side which is apparently good at this stage.  Baby's heart rate was good at 142bpm, my blood pressure was still around the same as it has been at 90/65.  My gestational diabetes screen has come back negative, but as expected, my iron was a little low.  It's not too bad (they like to see it at 120, mine came back at 103), but they have recommended iron tablets for me.  Partly to help me feel better (less tired, more energy), but also to get my iron levels up before labour because it is obviously harder for your body to cope with blood loss when your iron levels are down to start with.

I actually felt much better after walking out of this appointment.  They were so very reassuring about my upcoming labour and were also very supportive of the fact that I will be having a doula with me.  They work pretty much the opposite of my last hospital - the midwife was quite angry about the way I was treated last time, and has assured me that the things that happened then, would never happen at their hospital.  The fact that all of the variables from last time have changed completely, gives me much more confidence that this will be a very different labour for me.

Oct 19, 2010

30 weeks

30 weeks today...on the 10 week countdown!!

Finally managed to get one out of my pajamas!

Pain wise I'm still struggling.  Although thankfully the pain in my hands eased up a lot after a couple of days and is now barely noticeable - things I changed were being more careful about drinking lots of water and making sure to stretch my hands properly throughout the day.  I've also noticed the swelling in my feet went away too which probably has something to do with it.

However, over the last few days, I have developed some sort of pain in my lower back.  It's a stabbing pain right at the bottom of my lower back only on my RH side.  It's the kind of pain that almost brings you to your knees when it happens.  Because of the location, I'm concerned that it might be sciatica, but still hoping it's just a knot that can be fixed.  I have another appointment this week with the physio so will hopefully find out more then.  I'm just so envious of those people who manage to get through pregnancy with just discomfort rather than pain.

Other than that though, everything seems to be going well.  I haven't heard anything back about my glucose challenge test so hopefully that means that all is good.  Baby is moving lots and lots which is awesome...well most of the time, I am getting the occasional painful jab!

This afternoon I'm off to meet the hospital midwives.  I'm looking forward to talking to them and finding out a bit more about labouring in their hospital.  Will update after the appointment...

Oct 9, 2010


As if I needed more pain.  This is the second day I've been having pain in my hands, specifically at the base of my thumbs.  It hurts to close my hands into a fist and particularly when putting any pressure on my hands like picking up an object.  There's also a weakness there that makes me concerned that I'm going to drop the object I'm holding.

At first I thought maybe I just slept on it wrong, but it got worse at the end of the day yesterday, and is still bad this morning.  I've also noticed a small amount of swelling in my feet over the last few days.  Swelling from fluid is  what causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during pregnancy.  And like S.P.D., the only cure is delivery.  Its basically the same sorts of symptoms as a repetitive strain injury.  So if you imagine opening and closing your hands all day long, how it would feel the next morning and you get the idea.

Sitting on the laptop working on our business during the day wouldn't help, but I was also in an office based job during my last pregnancy and didn't have any sign of it.  Or the swelling though - I don't remember having any swelling until the day after the birth.

I ended up seeing a physio about the S.P.D. a few days ago - recommended by my OB.  She used to be the physio at the hospital and has a special interest in women's issues.  I did learn a few tips for pain management, but essentially it was what I already knew - pretty much put up with it until the baby is born and hope it goes away straight away.  She also checked my lower back and found it to be quite tight, apparently from having to help support the belly more due to the looseness of the pelvic muscle.  The massage to loosen it was awesome, felt so much lighter afterwards.  I'm already starting to get some pain back though.  I have another appointment in 2 weeks so she can keep an eye on it, then probably just one or two more appointments before the birth.

So between the pubic pain, lower back pain and now hand pain (which I am still secretly hoping will magically just disappear!), I am a bit over being in pain.  I'm still very grateful that all is well with the baby and everything has been going smoothly medically, but my body just doesn't seem to like pregnancy...

Oct 7, 2010

Doula Appointment

Last night I had my first official doula appointment.  Our time was basically spent going through a birth plan checklist so that we could both get an idea of my expectations and hopes for the labour & birth.  It was quite a good appointment - she managed to point out a few things that I hadn't thought of and it has given me a better idea of my level of preparation for the birth.  Let's just say I have a few more things to work out in my mind.

She also lent me a book to read...

...along with a matching hypnosis CD.  Looks like a great book and I'm really keen to get stuck into it - more info on it here.

She also lent us this book...

...to read to Jake to help explain about the baby coming.  Apparently there is a very cute song on the CD as well :)

Still very happy with our decision to use the doula and looking forward to our next appointment!

Oct 5, 2010

28 weeks

Here's my belly pic from this morning at 28 weeks...

I think I feel a lot bigger than I actually am...or maybe I am just forgetting how big I got last time!  Although these pics are being taken first thing in the morning - there seems to be quite a big difference with how big it gets by the end of the day...will try and remember to take another pic tonight!

I had my 28 week appointment yesterday - I ended up seeing both the midwife and the OB as he was running a bit late.  Everything is still looking really good though - BP was 98/60, baby's heartrate was 145bpm.  The OB has recommended a physio for the SPD - it doesn't help everyone, but he thinks it's worth giving it a go.  The one he has recommended used to work at the hospital as the maternity physio which has to be a good thing.  He has also given me a support strap to wear that is very uncomfortable ;)

I still have to get my gestational diabetes screening test done - meant to do it last week and time got away from me.  Will be trying to get that done today or tomorrow.  I'll also be keen to hear the iron levels - last time I had to take an iron supplement as they were a bit low.  I have a glimmer of hope that it is one reason why I am so tired.

I'm getting loads of movements from the baby which is always reassuring - hubby got to see some really big movements yesterday which was lovely.  Jake seems to have some sort of understanding about the baby - he has asked to carry it, change it's stinky nappies, hold it's hand and play with it.  (Still hard calling the baby 'it' when I know the sex!)

Other than that, nothing really else to report for now.  Next step is my first official appointment with the doula tomorrow, the hospital midwife appointment in 2 weeks, followed by the hospital tour that I missed out on last month due to business commitments.  Will also update with the results of the GD test.