Dec 24, 2010

Another (late) update

So, my 39 week appointment went well, pretty much the same as all the others.  My blood pressure was the highest it has been at 110/70, but still on the low side and no cause for concern.  Apparently baby is now 4/5 engaged so position wise is still looking good.  The OB has written on my card 'Well' and 'Ready' so again I'm thinking this may be quite a big bub ;)

I had my final appointment with my doula a few days ago so everything is all set for whenever the baby decides it is time to meet us.  She brought over a shirt for the hubby with 'Kath Can Do Anything' written on it which I thought was very clever.  All he needs now are some pom poms! ;)

Other than that there's not really any other news to report at this stage.  Life has been so busy here, it's hard to believe that my due date is only 4 days away!

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